You know what’s mushy? – The prologue of the awesomest things

This world is but a haven full of mushy things.

Agreeably, the greatest mushy thing I have known and one could ever experience in this lifetime is to know what really is that “l”thing, the very essence why we came out to this world – love.

It has been that indispensable phenomenon that once hit you, it will never leave you breathing at your own. It consumes your entirety, cuts deep and even devours every bit until nothing is left of you. Sounds scary? Most of the time it is.

But love will remain to be the true universal language, that for every unsuccessful story, you would have that lingering faith that stays; hoping for a better tale to come. Despite the sorrow, fury and a bunch of heart wrenching moments, you keep believing that you are only inching closer to the end you always wish.

To the former love of my life, to the special person who once tried to save the last dance for me and to you who first introduced me to this exciting “you and space” convo, I am back – maybe  to redeem you (or not) and to continue growing this fruit we once shared. No more intergalactic hindrances, yet purely business now. Here’s a virtual hug, hoping to rub elbows with you in space and in reality again.

But you know what really is mushy? It is going down to your dauntless cafeteria, taking in your daily dose of salty and acidic refreshers (those were the only flavors that register) for the ulterior motive of snatching a look (and hopefully a smile) to that irresistible charmer you only knew by name. It may sound hilarious and stupid, but for a newly groomed man, who is always a premier target of elusive love propos and never been this serious in love, that in itself qualifies as an expression.



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