Just because someone stumbles and loses his way, doesn’t mean he is lost forever.

I boldly agree with whoever great scriptwriter this line came from. Life is about chances, constant opportunities that are always served, ready to measure our character and how are we going to deal with the consequences packaged in every choice we pick.

In the first place, who are we to know the fate of the once doomed and shattered? We are never gifted with such precious ability to determine one’s end based on acceptable, verifiable and exact circumstances (though at some points we think this we possess).

This could exactly attest why I love (and used to bet for) the underdogs, the judged-to-be-just-average-knowing individuals that are usually overspent, underrated, underestimated and  misunderstood. They are the type that dances without missing a wrong move, sings ahead of tune and stumbles while speaking in front of a crowd. But you know what makes them bankable enough? Knowing that fate isn’t working on their side, they never miss every single opportunity to improve. They grab chances to know their set of skills. They are working too hard the reach their fullest potentials. And believing that nobody dares to put a bet on them but themselves, they master the art of gaining genuine but never excessive confidence within.

And after those stretching and pressing times, the best victory came in the form of a realization, a former wild thought that they have just improved for the better, in so many ways. The improvement so immense, it flowed effortlessly, radiated as an their  obvious asset. Soon they will realize that from being a plain underdog, they become the crowd getter, the most loved contender. They are even set to make history by succeeding beyond expectations.

Another reason why I love them? It is simply because I am one of them.

I was one of the lucky ones who were given a second chance to finish the Accountancy undergraduate studies. I was one of the hopeful ones who were given a shot at commencement exercises despite me failing to reach the required mark. I was one of the grateful ones who again given the chance to take the boards despite me boycotting the mock exams. Then, I rose to become that lucky, hopeful grateful and fulfilled one who hurdled all obstacles for that CPA citation.

Yes, we owe it all to the chances and chance givers who walk with us. If it weren’t for them, we are not able to define who we are and the set of skills we inherited and have acquired.

Taking all else positively, once an underdog always an underdog. And we will continue to have the world linger in its jaw-dropping moments with our inexplicable but living miracle stories. 🙂

P.S. If you will prefer perfection over spontaneity, you will never find something amazing. A few errors should be spared. Haha. 🙂

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